🍰 Introduction !!

Hi my name is Fotini Rassias. I am currently studying Bachelor of Information Technology and my major is Software Development. This semester is my finale semester πŸ˜€

This course (3623ICT Information and Content Management) goal is to provide us with the proper principles in managing large amount of information Β on an online blog. The information on the blog must be easy for the end users to find and must be meaningful.

Other student I know who are also taking this course are:

  • Adrianna Rassias
  • Gavin Wong
  • Dario Giavante
  • Michael Kim

I have previously worked with the above people before and our teamwork was to a high standard. If possible I would like to be grouped to these people as we are familiar with each other πŸ™‚

I have created a blog before for a course I during my first year.

During my degree I have taken a liking and interested in creating and managing databases. I am also interested in web development

My email address is fotini.rassias@griffithuni.edu.au