🍒 Blog 8

1. Describe what Google Analytics is, the functionality it provides, and how it might be useful when designing/maintaining a web site.
Google Analytics is a free web analytical service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization. Google Analytics service is available to anyone with a Google account.

Reference: support.google.com/analytics/answer/1008015?hl=en

2. What is the purpose of the “Admin” module in Drupal? Describe the various features offered by Drupal’s Admin module.
In drupal the Admin Module provides a theme independent interface or backend. The Admin Module is very useful for new users coming from other CMS. It also saves time for site administrators and gives highly granular control over security settings on your Drupal site.

3. Undertake the following tasks for your Drupal web site assignment: a. Establish a Google Analytics account and configure it to work with your Drupal web site; and
b. Add the Admin module to your Drupal web site.


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